Idol School’s Fromis 9 make their debut with “Glass Shoes” BOP or FLOP?



Seems as though Idol Schools group Fromis 9 have officially made their debut in the k-pop music industry with their first song “Glass shoes”.


Idol school was a reality survival program similar to the likes of Produce 101, now though I didn’t follow it as I did produce 101, hearing the debut track from these girls has definitely inspired me to go back and check out some of their performances from the show. This also seems to be a current trend of girl groups being formed from survival reality tv programs.

On first listen I thoroughly enjoyed this song, I feel as though these girls could be very bing in the j-pop industry. They gave me ABK48 vibes with the styling and youthful fresh appeal within the music video. I have a strong feeling these girls will be big in the K-pop industry. considering this is their debut in time they will grow as artists and I hope that unlike IOI they stay together permanently

As far as other groups already promoting they definitely remind me of Lovelyz with the style of the music video and outfits.


There seems to be a trend of girl groups coming out with 9 members since GG are now only down to 5 members. Seems South Korea continues to love its large membered girl groups and Fromis 9 is no exception!!!

Overall I admittedly appreciated this song for their debut it was solid and has put the girls in good standing for furthering their career in the kpop music industry.  I will unquestionably be following these girls to debut and only hope for the best for their futures!


So is Fromis 9 a BOP or a FLOP???


MY Verdict: BOP!!!!!!!

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Author – Cameron Deacon