Ed Sheeran X Beyonce “Perfect” Duet

Is it literally the perfect duet? This track is entitled “Perfect Duet” and due to the name it obviously it had to be a collab track. Evidently, this is Ed Sheeran’s first release since his previous release




earlier this year. It’s a nice surprise to see Ed Sheeran working with someone new like Beyonce! 

I noticed that somebody in the Youtube comments stated that they’d prefer Adele singing this song, or even Ellie Goulding however with Beyonce’s recent promotions including her song with “Mi Giente” it makes more sense that shes also collaborating for this track. She’s currently more active in the music industry than Adele is at this present time, There’s always a possibility that in the future we’ll receive a track featuring Ed Sheeran and Adele together. That would just be magic!

This easy moving emotional ballad song integrates both Ed Sheeran’s and Beyonce’s vocals effectively. From the lyrics, this is noticeably a love song and I could surely see this played at weddings. The lyrics are delightfully written and as Beyonce’s vocals come in it gives me chills. The commendable harmonies from the backing vocals greatly accompaniment Beyonce’s vocals. Its as if a man and a woman are singing their own lyrics to each other of their own thoughts, dreams and feelings about each other without the other realising.

Furthermore, can we discuss the harmonies that Ed Sheeran and Beyonce share? Just Perfect “Perfect Duet”, “You look Perfect Tonight.” Yeah, this will definitely pop up on some wedding videos on Youtube in the near future! The emotions of the song near the end hit me well. I’m left with a satisfied feeling at the conclusion of the track.



With Beyonce producing so many beautiful songs and collabs lately, does this potentially mean a Beyonce EP or album on the horizon?? It seems Beyonce has been popping up everywhere lately and especially with the duet song now Trending on youtube It would make sense for Beyonce to take advantage of this and release even if its just a single a new track which I’m sure would make us Beyonce fans go crazy!

Check out the Perfect Duet audio video that’s trending on Youtube in the video below!!!