Taeyon to release a christmas Album!

Girls Generation member Taeyeon has announced that she’ll be releasing a Christmas album this year!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 05.32.54.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 05.33.05.png

It is said that the album will feature 8 tracks with the title track being entitled

“This is Christmas” which means that this is a pretty solid Christmas release from Taeyeon!

It’s nice to see those who are left in Girls Generation still promoting music! Especially with the future of GG so unknown to us Sone’s.  The last Christmas album I remember

was TTS’s release for Dear Santa (kinda a shame that both Tiffany and Sohyeon are no longer with Girls Generation so we won’t see a TTS Christmas single this year. sigh ….)

It’s no question Taeyeon is a brilliant solo artist and if anyone continues promoting after GG disbands I’m glad Taeyeon still has the opportunity to keep releasing music.

Her songs:




lol, that rhymes. Spirit of a child I guess :p These songs are just small glimpses of her amazing talent, and what to expect vocally from her new Christmas album!

I look forward to hearing the new title track “This is Christmas” and will definitely be doing a reaction to it on my youtube channel “Just Cameron” when it’s released this month!

There’s always something going on in the k-pop industry! :p


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Author – Cameron Deacon