BTS ft Camilla Cabello?

I just read an article that Camilla has praised BTS for their recent success in the american music industry. This has just set a light bulb off in my head, are we due to hear a collab song of BTS ft Camilla Cabello or Camilla Cabello ft BTS? 

This song would just be too much, and for BTS to already be receiving notice from artists like Camilla Cabello who already have a firm grasp in the american music industry for BTS it’s an immensely solid start for their breakout into the US music industry.



Just from looking at the two images of two artists this is something that just has to happen!!! I just have to start dreaming of what to expect if a song from these two was ever released would this give Camilla  a reason to attempt singing in Korean? She’s already attempted Spanish through Havana and for her why not venture out into other music markets?

This is just a win win for both artists if this ever happened next year.

and maybe we are due in for a Korean craze in the american music industry after the recent Latin craze. It’s great to see languages in music cross into the same song, shows how universal music is!

The future of music in 2018 is looking bright!

Much more Camilla Cabello and BTS too come!



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