Rita Ora performs Anywhere at BBC Live Lounge.

Rita Ora performs her newest

the vocals she has with her backup dancers are enjoyable to listen too, and as always Rita is smashing the vocal game in this performance.

I feel like Rita is so underrated as a vocalist and when she releases her next album she deserves a lot more attention than she gets now. I feel like with her past two releases for Anywhere and Your Song she’s starting to find a music style that is popular with audiences around the world. When I went out in central London recently I heard Anywhere played in the club and it had only been out a short time on the radio.

Can only hope that with 2018 nearly here, a new album is in store for us from Rita Ora and that these two songs will be featured on the CD. I’m sure if they are that I will be one of her many fans who will be purchasing the new album!!!


I look forward to hearing what BOP’s Rita has in store for us in 2018!


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