Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 00.45.26Members of the 10 member group “Good Day “ a newly debuted girl group from C9 entertainment, recently appeared and auditioned on “The unit”. I have enamoured with the leader HeeJin’s vocals and after heading to Youtube to find out more about them, I watched their debut music video “Rolly” and let’s just say I was blown away with the production of the song and of the music video itself.

Straightaway, I can feel that these girls have oodles of potential. Appearing on The Unit was clearly the best idea for them and their company. As not only it has made me search for them, but clearly, within the comments of the video, other people flocked to their music video after watching The Unit. I guess it shows the power of reality survival shows in Korean Pop Culture.

Though not all members of the group appeared 5 out of 6 of the members who auditioned made it through to the show. All but one, the maknae who I felt bad for as she did not make it into the show. perhaps she will gain sympathy from the fans and will seek to protect her as often maknae’s are viewed as needing protection. Example; Yoona of Girls Generation.

Under the circumstance, I thoroughly applaud these girls for a solid debut. I feel as though this was the type of group that could have easily been overlooked if they hadn’t have appeared in The Unit. The song itself is vibrant, uplifting and catchy. Featuring bright colourful sets and adheres to the cutesy vibe standards of the k-pop industry.

These girls for certain have a hefty journey ahead of them in the k-pop industry, but with the visuals of the girls in the group, I feel they have marketability to succeed. Similarly, with Jiwon’s talent of smiling and HeeJin’s killer vocals, I feel they have talent amongst members that will shine and be as the group progresses.  It seems as though I wasn’t the only person who came from the unit to watch their music video. Evidently, in current kpop trends, survival reality shows are the way of gaining public awareness.


The Unit is no exception for that, and it appears that Jiwon is in the top nine for the female group on the show meaning she could have a high possibility of being in the girl group that is produced from the show! Now that would be big media for Good Day so early on in their debut!

I wish these girls the best of luck in the k-pop industry and they have my full support. Already bought their album off of iTunes!!

Be sure to do the same!

Let me know who your favourites are in THE UNIT and if you are a fan of Good Day and who your bias is!

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Author – Cameron Deacon Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 00.51.11