Jade from Little Mix gay or bi?

It seems as though Jade from Little Mix has worked with Stonewall an LGBT charity, for her 25th birthday themed in drag.

I have high suspicions that Jade could be the LGBT member of Little Mix! Here Jade can be seen wearing full drag makeup and hair.  Looking awesome If I may say so myself!!! She should sport the rainbow hair for a Little Mix music video or tour!!!!

It would be good for Little Mix to gain support from such a big community as the LGBT community is worldwide. I’m hoping they do some pro LGBT song in the future, as Lady Gaga did with “Born this way”.


I have mad respects if either she is gay/bi or is just a big supporter of LGBT. As a big mixer myself it does me proud to see Jade supporting LOVE and the LGBT Community.


Note I have the same poster in the above image in my room at home,

As a mixer, I fully support Jade no matter what sexuality she is. If she does come out as bi or gay then I’d be even more supportive! I’m just glad she supports LGBT and I hope Little Mix my favourite group start to promote the community through their music!

It’s often said that a group has to have at least one LGBT member! Lauren is bi from Fifth Harmony maybe Jade is that for Little Mix!!! It would make sense in their previous music video for “power” she was with drag queens outside of a gay club! Which I loved!!


Much love to Jade and Little Mix! I hope to be seeing you girls live this coming year!

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