Mamamoo To release “Paint Me” early next year!!



One of South Korea’s substantial girl groups “Mamamoo” has just released a teaser image for their latest comeback slated for early next year! As a moo moo myself I am immensely excited for this release considering after their previous song

“Yes I am”

being such a fun and upbeat song and as I have followed these girls since their debut with

Mr. Ambiguous 

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaIt makes me hopeful for whats to be released with “Paint Me” in 2018. Moreover, from the teaser image above, I’m getting retro vibes almost 80’s / disco feels from the simple yet elegant photos of the girls. This just gets me even more excited for whats to come from Mamamoo in the new year!!!

Looks like 2018 is already looking to be off to a strong start with these powerhouse vocalist hitting the scene once again!

Let me know what your favourite Mamamoo track is!

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Author – Cameron Deacon

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