Momoland release teaser for “BBoom BBoom”

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaKorean girl group Momoland has released the trailer for their upcoming EP Great! with the song “BBoom BBoom”.

From the teaser, we gain a sense of what the song will sound like. Very upbeat funky vibes, with BBoom BBoom resonating as a catchy hook for the chorus. From first listen I am instantly hooked and already anticipating the release of this track. I am happy they are still slightly keeping their EDM groovy sound as I think its a quality that is very unique to Momoland as a girl group.

We only have to wait a few days for the release of their new album! I’m sure it will be “GREAT!” pun intended!


Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaLet me know what you think of their upcoming release and your favourite song from Momoland so far!



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