Momoland release Bboom Bboom

Emoji_Earth_Globe_Asia9 member girl group MOMOLAND have released the title track “Bboom Bboom” for their new EP “Great!”.

The song itself is extremely distinguishable  “Let’s get it bboom bboom” resonating as a catchy hook throughout the song. The funky beat, that is continuous throughout the track makes it extremely enjoyable to listen too, and has been on repeat for the last couple weeks for me!

Joee is undeniably the girl who shines the most this comeback. It is also noticeable that the group is progressing in their teamwork and overall concept. They seem to be finding their trademarks as a group. I especially love in their live performances how they added the fan interaction chant with the members of “Great!” referring back to the title of their EP. I thought that was very clever from the company to do so.


I have high praises for these girls and this concept. I feel the individual members are starting to shine more and hopefully as they continue to promote each girl will get their chance to shine in each comeback stage. Nancy was the center for their first couple promotions now its Joee I hope they continue to alternate the center spot each comeback to show the potential each member has. Its working well for them so far!

Overall I love this song and its a great way to start out 2018. I think this is going to increase Momoland’s interest as a group in the kpop industry and things can only go up for them from here! congrats girls!


Let me know what you think of their new song and EP! and which has been your favourite concept from them so far?


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