Oh My Girl “Secret Garden” BOP or Flop?

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaOh My Girl has recently comeback with their latest title track “Secret Garden” now the question is it a BOP or a FLOP?

This song attains a fantasy like concept, which is signature too Oh My Girl like their previous songs


The music video for Secret Garden includes visual graphical effects of spiritualistic like animals, amidst deers, wales, birds and so on and so forth. the members shine beautifully, and I personally love them as seven members I feel the choreography will now look a lot smoother as they often say odd numbers in groups are better for choreography.

It’s more of a ballad style song this time round which is amiable to see Oh My Girl experimenting with different sounds and styles in their music. It is a way of showing their versatility as artists which is important in an industry in which, their are so many girl groups promoting at the same time.

Oh My Girl have certainly found their unique style as a group, which enables them to be an influential girl group in the K-pop industry. Their success is no lie, with their latest track performing exceedingly well in the charts, I can only hope they gain their first win of which I thought they should have won for with


Their headpieces were the cutest! and outfits were A+. How they still didn’t win first with this concept I still don’t know.

Even though I don’t like this song as much as Windy Day or Cupid etc. It is still vocally a great song, and appeals to the members charms. I just feel with them suddenly becoming 7 members they needed something more striking to show we are still the same quality even though we lost a member. However nonetheless the song is beautiful but Im not sure how much ill be listening to it. Ill stick to their older BOP’s and hope that the next comeback is more my style.

I cant hate on Oh My Girl so






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