Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaMomoland has officially won their first award at a music show. This MCountdown the girls received first place for their recent comeback Bboom Bboom! I am so proud of these girls and hope they continue their success into 2018 hopefully with another comeback mid or end of the year!

I am in a way both surprised and not surprised that they won. The song is by far their best yet, but however, I did not see Momoland winning for a while. However, that being said this is great for them as this will push them into the spotlight and will create better interest and funding for their future comebacks so the production of their albums and music videos will only get better from here for Momoland! 

Here’s too a fantastic 2018 for these girls and I wish them all the success for 2018. So far its been “GREAT!”



Another BOP GLOBAL post

Author – Cameron Deacon Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 00.51.11

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