DreamCatcher release new single “Full Moon” BOP or FLOP?

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaThis stunning rock ballad track is signature DreamCatcher style. Let’s just say, I am in love. The gentle piano mixed in with the heavy rock guitars and drums are a pleasure for the ears. and has a similar sound to their previous songs



but still has that anime opening theme feeling as most of their tracks do. I think these girls deserve so much more acknowledgement than they currently have and if they ever debut in Japan they will skyrocket!

Moreover, I love that they are still keeping the continuity with their dream catcher logo. This time with the full moon in the centre. in reference to obviously the title of their new single!

I hope this either means a complete mv for this song soon! Or conversely a new comeback EP from DreamCatcher this or next month, with this as the feature or feature b side track. One can only hope!

I wish the best of success for these girls this year! they truly deserve rookie of the year if they haven’t won it already.

Give the song a listen yourself and let your ears be enticed by DreamCatcher’s unique sound!



My verdict for Full Moon Dream Catcher – download

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