JYP Girls of “Stray Kids” Slay “Trouble”

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaIt seems as though JYP has something more in the works as far as groups from his company behind Twice & GOT7.

Seeing as his stocks have overtaken that of YG’s. It would be a beneficial time to debut not only the boy group side of stray kids. Just as The Unit had Unit G and Unit G I would love to see a Stray Kids M and Stray Kids F. for male and female. Or atleast thats what I would have done if i were managing JYP. There would have been a potential for a co-ed group between the two factions something JYP has yet to captalize on as other groups like KARD are now slaying the kpop scene.

but in the future these 7 girls who undoubtedly shined in this performance of Neon Jungles Trouble. I would be enthralled to see these 7 girls debut as a new group. Or JYP could potentially add more girls to match that of Stray Kids members, to have a girl group focused more on dance performance and a different style to Twice. As they seem stuck to the “cute concept” styled performances. especially with

Heart Shaker

and Likey lately


im not bashing twice i love them. I would just love to see different stylistic performances from them more often rather than just cute 100% of the time.

Anyways with that being said. This makes me very keen on staying update with the future of JYP and his artists. the man is genius especially with producing music and groups. I mean Twice is a prime example of JYP’s dominance. I just feel he has room for a girl group more like 4minute or 2NE1 for a darker concept in comparison to Twice’s lighter cuter concepts. I would love to see that! Stray Kids F please debut!!!!


Good luck to JYP for 2018 as Im excited to see what he and his artists Twice, GOT7, Stray Kids etc. have to offer us this year!


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