MIA from blogging???? Where I’ve Been?

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaHello followers, just wanted to update everyone who follows my blog that I’ve been missing in action on my scheduled posts due to hypothyroid medical issues. Ive got three weeks to go of taking my updated dose to get me back to normal thyroid levels so I can be back to healthy functioning again and get back to blogging!

So much ive missed out on already! Fromis 9 has released their debut mv for “To Heart” 

Red Velvet are planning a comeback repack album with title track “Bad Boy” for The Perfect Red Velvet”.

BoA is planning a comeback

Gugudan’s for their Act 4 (4th mini album) comeback has been slightly delayed.

I should be back in full swing with this blog come February after i get my next checkup. so please be patient with me. I will do my best to blog in bed in the mean time!  Music never fails to cheer me up and thats what I want to share with you guys!


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Author – Cameron Deacon

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