Camila x Twice?

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 20.47.52.png

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaThe shot above pictures Camila with Twice!!! As a huge kpop fan Im so surprised by this picture. Now Imagine a collab between Camila and Twice?!?!? First BTS now Twice? Its only a matter of time before we see Camila Collating with a kpop artist. For me it would be insane to see her team up with Twice. maybe a kpop version of Havana?

So much potential for Camila and kpop further breaking into the US and UK scene. Hopefully with Twice and Red Velvet going global! This is what I love when artists of different genres and cultures come together to produce amazing music.

2018 for a global kpop takeover Is looking bright!



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