Newly debuted group GIRLKIND debuts with their debut track “FANCI” what, what, what?

There seem to be very mixed opinions on fans in the comments of this music video. Personally, I love this song. Its been in my head today and is what inspired me to post this review. I think to give these girls more time to improve on this concept, and they will surprise you. Yes, the vocal game might be lacking right now, but they just debuted. Being a small company group it will be harder for them to break into the kpop music industry. However, with the right success, these girls can find success.

Perhaps if they focus more on being a performance/dance group this will benefit them in the long run. Every group needs to find their niche in the kpop industry. The song is very rap-focused, but I find it extremely catchy. Especially the chorus “We’re the girls with the fanci what? A, A.” parts are what got to me initially, and is why I keep coming back to this track.

Choreography wise these girls are slick and powerful, if they continue with the girl crush concept I will absolutely be a fan of these girls. In fact, I feel as though I already am! I especially love the dance break they added to the mix with three members. I feel as though I’m closer to finding my bias in this group is one of the main dancers within that break.

These girls still have a long way to go. improving their vocals etc. But I’m sure that with the start they have and in some of their lives they receive fan chants, which is a copious sign that they have what it takes to succeed they just need the contingency to make a breakthrough in the kpop industry!


Seeing as though I haven’t been a fan of too many recently debuting girl groups, Girl Kind is definitely lucky enough to make it to that list. I am intrigued to see how they evolve within the industry with their future comebacks! Good luck to 2018 girls!

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