New Music In store from Unit G!

The final challenge for the unit is upon us meaning new songs. As a huge fan of “The Unit” especially of songs like

My Turn

and Cherry On Top


I’m immensely excited to see that more songs are in store for us fans, through the final challenge and performances from the unit. I’m guessing in total the unit G will have 9 members. Now whether or not the winning song will be Ting or You and I and the selected members shown below will be crowned the winners based on their performance, or the best selected from both groups. We have to watch the final to find out!

I’m still behind baby Eunjin from Sonamoo to claim the number 1 spot

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 00.42.21.png

she’s been so solid throughout the whole show and has really shown her reasons for being a performer and is so talented. Id also love to see Serri in the final group after shinning in the mv for Always and the recent disbandment of Dal Shabet. It’ll be total star power if both Yang Jiwon and Eunjin appear on the final team. Which knowing their talent they will.





After hearing Cherry On Top I feel like “Ting” is going to be more up my alley as a song. Though i guess we will have to wait and see as to what each songs styling is like when it comes to the final challenge for “The Unit”.

Stay tuned for when “Ting” and “You&I” are released by UnitG!


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Author – Cameron Deacon

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