Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaTing. was the song I said id love more and from the sounds of it it appears is correct. The upbeat style of the song is definitely up my alley. You and I, however, is also sounding fantastic. Unit G never fails me. I’m really looking forward to hearing what the winning song will be. If they release an album with Cherry On Top, Cosmos, You and I and Ting and a final song I will for sure be purchasing myself a copy and if they promote like IOI did I will be a certified fan.



My baby Eunjin shining as always. Wohee from Dal Shabet also shines this mv. seems that both Wohee’s and Serri’s friendship is still strong hopefully they can form their duo group post “The Unit” if they both make it into the final group. Yes, I’m still bummed about Dal Shabet’s disbandment especially after, Fri, Sat, Sun and Someone Like U, such BOP’s.

It’s exciting to think that the final line-up will soon be announced, wanting Eunjin, Yang Jiwon, Wohee, Serri, Yebin and cube’s girl too make the group. A classy beautiful unit G group awaits us.


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