Euna Kim <3 (Appreciation Post)


Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaBreaking News!!!! I think I’ve just become a fan of Euna Kim, through watching her on The Unit. That’s what I appreciate shows like the unit, how it introduces you to new artists you wouldn’t have listened too previously. I need to watch more of Unpretty Rapstar!!!!

Euna Kim became best female rapper of The Unit and was in the group “The Ark” who disbanded only a year after debuting.

Which is saddening, they deserved more especially with someone like Euna Kim at this rate she would have been my bias of the group if they had still promoted but perhaps this is a chance for Euna to develop a solo career, imagine a collab with Cube artist Joen Soyeon?!?! That’s something I would love to hear!

It’s a shame she didn’t make it into the final 9 of the Unit. I would have preferred to see her in there over ZN. But I guess girls like ZN from currently promoting groups have more fans voting for them and backing them up than someone like Euna Kim who failed to make the cut and was only in the ark for a year.

I hope to see more from Euna Kim in the coming year, some solo and collaboration projects would be fantastic! Congrats to all the girls who made the Unit! Next blog post will be my thoughts on said results! Hope for the best for Euna Kim baby ❤


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