I was wrong I love “You and I” more!!! [ The Unit ]

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaRemember on my previous Unit post stating that I think I would prefer Ting more than You & I from Unit G? Well seems I’ve been proven Wrong as “You & I” is my favourite song out of the two promoted tracks for the final performance from Unit G.



I mean it has my baby and now official bias of Sonamoo Eunjin in the group who also claimed the No1 Spot for the final group!!! ^___^ I hope this brings great success to Eunjin and Sonamoo and hopefully gives us a Sonamoo comeback when she is done promoting with Unit G and hopefully the first win for Sonamoo. And perhaps a Eunjin solo debut???!!!! I can only dream.

The vocals in this track are amazing and can suspect that they derive from Eunin and NC.A who also placed 3rd in the final group as well as Wohee who placed in the group. Which I’m ecstatic about! Now I need that duo pairing of Wohee and Serri to promote :p

Check out my next post too see my thoughts on the 9 girls who placed in Unit G!

Congrats to those who made the final group!!!!



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