CLC drops the bomb with “Black Dress”

CLC dropped the mv for their newest title track “Black Dress” and holy days is this song a

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaBOP! The song comes in hard with SeungYeon killing a dance break early on in the song and catchy hooks in oh eh oh,  Their outfits this time around though not being dresses

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 23.09.20.png

Can we talk about their outfits this comeback!!! Them being in suits complements the girls so well and goes hand in hand with the empowering vibe of the song. The girls look phenomenal! There’s something about when girl groups do suit concepts i love the whole independent woman idea in kpop Fashion.

This is by far their best song to date, even topping their previous hit song “Hobgoblin” for me. If CLC and Cube continue on this route in this image and sound I will become a legitimate fan of CLC.  I am happy with the direction Cube are taking CLC it is taking them to the top of the kpop industry!

.My biases are Sorn SeungYeon and the main rapper Yee Eun. As of this comeback officially.


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 22.58.52.png

I especially love the theme of the music video with the pole dancing done elegantly and to display a message. As Yee Eun cuts her hair black feathers fall from the sky almost signaling them shedding their previous cutesy image of songs like High Heels and No Oh No and embracing the 180-degree twist into this new feministic powerful woman concept which I am living for!!!! Yee Eun with that short hair. GIIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLL! SLAY! She owns this song for me ❤


This has got to get CLC their first win! As someone stated in the comments of this video, this truly is and I wholeheartedly agree with this being the year of the underrated girl groups. With both Momoland and OhMyGirl receiving their first wins this year, it’s now CLC and Weki Meki’s turn to claim their first trophies on a music show. I will be there supporting CLC until they do. Congrats girls you have claimed my fandom to you. I now need to research their fandom name :p

I look forward to CLC’s upcoming success through “Black Dress” and whatever BOP’s they have in store for us in 2018! I must say Kpop this year has not let me down so far! with so much more of the year to come who knows what groups like CLC may achieve!

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