Kpop Throwback [EVOL]

Emoji_Earth_Globe_AsiaAnyone remember the former group EVOL? LOVE spelled backward? :p I’ve been in a real nostalgic kpop mood lately. With my friend and future housemate and I talking about older groups from the past years that perhaps didn’t achieve the success they deserved. One of those groups was definitely EVOL.

For a first mini album LET ME EXPLODE was extremely solid. With We are a bit different, Magnet, and LET ME EXPLODE all being very catchy dance tracks. Each with their own flavor and vibe different from the other.

Their title track “We Are A Bit Different” says what the group is as an artist. They are a bit different, from other girl groups at the time they were more hard-hitting and off the edge. Which was nice to see a change from the usual cutesy concepts going on in Kpop.

For me it’a such a shame they disbanded only after their second EP. I mean even Get up was a BOP.

Its just bad luck that they were under such a terrible management company that didn’t realize what they had with these girls.

If they had been under say YG, I would have expected these girls to rise to fame. Unfortunately when you come from a smaller company in the kpop industry and not from the big 3, it becomes harder to develop a fanbase and funding for future comebacks. For these girls, the company just didn’t promote them efficiently enough. Some groups like Laboum even resorted to fan funding sites to fund their albums, EVOL could have attempted this but it just seemed like their company didn’t believe in them from the first place. Annoying to see great talent and potential wasted by people who don’t truly know what they are doing in management.


This seems to be a trend in newbie groups from small companies, which we may continue to see even in kpop nowadays. It seems the only way to survive nowadays is to have a reality survival show to gain public awareness for your group and then debut from there aka; PRISTIN, Twice, IOI, Fromis 9, Momoland etc. Just appears that trends are changing with social media and kpop being so globally known. It now takes a lot more to become successful in the industry and unfortunately, EVOL didn’t have that luck behind them. It would be great to see a reunion one day but the chances are very unlikely. Still, I hope you guys enjoy this throwback and to what was awesome music from EVOL.


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