The New Barden Bellas “Still Look Pretty” | Motion Picture Soundtrack |

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Ok, so I finally this week got to see Pitch Perfect 3 and let’s just say I absolutely loved the film. Which two of you are Jessica and Ashley? “Aw shit”. (still my favorite line) :p

My favorite song in the entire movie has to be “Still Look Pretty”

performed by Emily and the new Bellas. Looks like the Barden Bellas is in good hands with Legacy, Who according to Fat Amy is inarticulate and the stupidest person alive. Too many line quotes. Nonetheless, this tune in the film is definitely my favorite, due to its upbeat vibrant nature and lyrically about female empowerment which is right down my alley as a song.

“Never gonna be that girl living in a Barbie world.” & “This queen doesn’t need a king”.

This song is totally down my street as I said previously, and In totality, I love all the songs in this film including “Cheap Thrills” “Freedom 90” “Toxic” and so on.


If you haven’t been out to see Pitch Perfect 3 or are considering watching it on Blu Ray or DVD please do, its a fantastic film filled with pitch-perfect music.


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