CLC Black dress choreography video


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51This routine is lit! I am so down for learning this routine. possibly to release a cover on my youtube channel, Just Cameron. Black dress is by far my favorite CLC song to date apart from Hobgoblin which I knew some of the choreo too…. mostly the chorus. Anyhow! I love the choreo to this song especially close to the end of the song and SungYeon’s break down part near the beginning of the track. She slays I will most likely be covering her part.

I still hope that these girls get the first win of this song! I feel like they deserve it with hobgoblin to this they are really finding their stride and strengths as a group especially dance wise and song production wise. Love too SeonYung Sorn and YeeEun my triple threat biases!


Hope for the best for these ladies in 2018, that their success continues to shine in the kpop industry. Hoping they keep gaining fans and keep getting stronger. CLC Hwaiting!


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