Meghan Trainor says “No Excuses”

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Mad respects to Meghan Trainor this is the type of music that made me fall in love originally with her like

all about that bass.

upbeat funky, fun no drama. but still has some vibes from her recent releases like Me Too and No. this is the Meghan Trainor I love.

No Excuses is a must listen for Meghan Trainor fans!

Expect a reaction from me soon on my channel! I hope she continues in This direction with her music and her vibe! i hope we can expect a new album from her for 2018! With a mix of sounds from her previous two albums. We will be waiting in anticipation for her announcement!! I am definitely feeling the female power with this song, “Your mama raised you better than that”. lyrically and sound wise I love the jovial nature of the song compared to the slightly more in your face lyrics composed by Trainer.

Best of luck to Meghan with this release and for the success of her future this year. Looking forward to what to come from this talented artist!

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