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Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Anyone remember the four-member girl group that originated from the same company as BTS big hit entertainment?


An openly LGBT song “girl I like ya really really like ya”.I loved the bright theme of the music video. “Let’s start a party for love”! These girls showed great potential as a group, minus the blonde member who didn’t sing any lines :p My bias was always Zinni from the get-go. That girl is an amazing dancer and it’s a shame we haven’t seen her since GLAM’s disbandment. If they do a UNIT season 2 she’s someone I would love to see on the show!


I like that was produced as more of a harder hitting song than the upbeat sound of Party XXO more rap-focused, however still had some fun vibes throughout the chorus of the song.  Zinni really shined with her b-boying skills in this comeback promotions if the group had continued it would have been nice to see her with more spotlight for these skills as seen in the videos posted below! It isn’t often we saw B-boying in girl groups the only other group I can think of was Mint from Tiny-G who won best female dancer on The Unit because of said skils. No doubt Zinni could do the same!


For their third and final song (sad)  was an even more interesting track about self-image and was a different style sound wise for GLAM but showed their versatility as artists and that they were not afraid to promote messages through their music. LGBT love, self-image etc.

However its still disappointing to think about the scandal with Dahye destroyed this group which is a shame seeing as how so much potential they had as a group. Groups like them and EVOL with all the talent in the world were just under bad circumstances which shows how publicity can affect the popularity of the group in the kpop music industry. Now big hit seems to only be focusing on the worldwide popular boy group BTS. it would be nice for them to build their company with a new girl group possibly featuring Zinni etc. but one can only hope!

Even possibly a duo group with just Jiyeon and Zinni would be enough for me! Just sharing that GLAM LOVE. “Let’s start the party for love”!

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