Zendaya (Apprecation Post) “Ethnic Empowerment”

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Zendaya formerly made her start on Disneys original show “Shake it up”. Funny thing is, I used to watch this show back in the day. Never expected for Zendaya to become as huge as she has! However, Respects to her for pushing past the Disney barrier and crossing into Hollywood film industry successfully. I  feel though she should probably stick to acting as this career for her has been stronger than her music career thus far.

Impressed with how she has made herself famous, though Selena Gomez etc. also originated from Disney channel and Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon. Seems a few female solo promotional artists make there start at young ages! From platforms like Nickelodeon and Disney.

Having recently appeared in both “Spiderman Homecoming” and “The Greatest Showman” Zendaya is making her breakthrough into the film industry in a big way!

She also had many previous appearances in tv shows and music videos including as a character in

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music Video

and in Beyonce’s music video for “All Night”

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being pro-Black Girl Magic and supportive of ethnic women in the industry. I respect Zendaya for that and hope her career continues as well as it is going now. Unfortunately for Bella Thorne who is kiiiinddddaaa …. The opposite.

Make sure you check out Zendaya’s appearances in Spiderman Homecoming , The Greatest Showman and the two music videos shared above! You can also follow her official Twitter and Instagram pages as well.

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