[Must Read] Taylor Swift to release a new music video for “Delicate”

Mega star Taylor Swift has revealed that she will be releasing a new music video for the song “Delicate” from her reputation album at the Iheart radio awards. Interesting too see Taylor releasing a third music video in promotion of her album. Guess it shows she still has budget to keep producing music videos. Potentially she could release one for every song on  the album if she wanted too!

Ill most likely be reacting too it, come its release point. I Preferred

Look What you made me do’s

music video to End Game.

We will have too see what this music video turns out to be like! Its similarities and differences to Look What You made me do and end game and how it fits in with the rest of the albums releases! Stay tuned for more news on this release!

Make sure you download or stream Taylor’s album in support on spotify or itunes (apple music).


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