[Rumor] Queen B, Queen of Rap? A future rap album for Beyonce in store?

DJ Khaled’s new single featuring Jay-z, future, and Beyonce, features a killer rap from Beyonce near to the end of the song. Now whilst this song isn’t particularly my style of music I adore Beyonce’s rap.

Seems people on twitter are already expecting and wishing for a rap-focused album from Beyonce this year. The question is whether or not she will come through on this or not!

the last album she released was “Lemonade”

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which was a global hit. and in my heart she will always be Queen  B. The vibes she had in this album in songs like “Sorry” makes me feel like this is the direction she is going towards in her music style. I am all for it!


I guess time will tell on whether or not a new Beyonce album is in store for us fans this year. Till its released, we can only keep hoping for it and enjoy Lemonade and her previous hits. Of which she has too many! For me, B will always be Queen B. I’ve been a fan of her since I was very young back in the days of Destinys Child, probably why I’m still a pro supporter of woman in music and am writing this blog, from Destinys Child to spice girls they started my love for music at a young age.

She runs the world, and hopefully soon if these rumors spread around will she run the music industry with her rap album? Guess only the future can show what Beyonce has in store for us with her music in 2018 and beyond!


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