[Listen!] FREEDOM 90′ a Barden Bella Remix of George Michael’s track. (PP3)

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Ok so I feel a bit stupid, I’ve only just realized that the final performance from Pitch Perfect 3 performed by Becca Martin aka Anna Kendrick is originally by George Michael himself.

As much as I love the remix in Pitch Perfect 3 I feel like the original from George Michael has such soul too it. I can understand why they chose this track because of the meaning of the lyrics for the culmination of the pitch-perfect trilogy as a goodbye for freedom. Also, that beginning beat that Becca produces for the song is solid.

No wonder the girls were multiple time acapella champions in the film series!


Enjoy the original song by George Michael and the remix by the amazing woman of Pitch Perfect 3! Will miss the cast of amazing women from pitch perfect 3 dearly and look forward to their future individual projects in film and music!

Tell us which version you prefer?! The og George Michael or The remix by Anna Kendrick? I still feel Anna should go for a music career given the right promotions!

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