[READ!] Kpop Spotlight Minzy “NINANO” + “Superwoman”


NINANO was a BOP straight from the start. The steady beat, the choreo You could tell MINZY was slightly nervous this being her first ever solo venture. However, as her live stages went on she gained confidence each time she stepped out on the stage. Each time killing the choreography as she’s hands down one of the best female dancers in kpop alongside Hyoyeon of Girls Generation.

A very strong debut EP I might add with this and SUPERWOMAN, being the highlight tracks of the EP, it shows what Minzy is capable of, on her own. As she seeks the spotlight she never got in 2NE1.

I’m SUPERWOMAN! I’m all for the meaningful lyrics of this song, I love how this album she had one dance track and one lyrical focused track. I hope she continues this theme through her next EP’s to come! Hopefully sometime soon!!


The future is bright for former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy and now a solo artist, from the strength of this first album she released back last year, Id say we still have more talents to see from Minzy in the future of her solo career! Best of luck to her and her future promotions! make us blackjacks proud! ❤

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