[Watch!] DreamCatcher to hold their first full concert “Welcome to DreamWorld”

Kpop girl group “Dreamcatcher” are set to hold their first full concert entitled “Welcome too DreamWorld” the mysterious teaser builds hype for the girl’s venture. I myself love these women. Their tracks so far have been amazing

An intense trailer that was! check it out for yourself. The girls are enticing as always and draw in their fandom now called “In Somnia”, which goes hand in hand with the dream world concept. Their songs;

Chase me

Good Night

Fly High 

Full Moon

all have a J-rock / kpop style they attain which in my opinion is amazing. The vibes in the video trailer continue that sound. DreamCatcher has come such a long way from their days as MINX, and I feel if they are continuing in this direction with their music, they will become a big group in the kpop industry.

When you think about it, there isn’t another girl group currently promoting that has their sound. They are unique. We need uniqueness in the kpop industry at the moment too divide the constant appearance of cutesy girl groups.

When more news is revealed about the concept. We will update you! Best of luck too Dreamcatcher for this concert and hopefully after they accomplish this event a comeback is due in store soon this year!

DreamCatcher Hwaiting ❤ If you are an In Somnia (a fan of Dreamcatcher) let us know in the comments! And which song of theirs is your favorite so far?

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