[Watch!] Taylor Swift “Delicate” Music video

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Taylor Swift’s newest music video “Delicate” has been trending at number one for the past week since its release date! This is by far my favorite song from her Reputation album. The meaning of the lyrics the style of the song the, and the beat all get me.

I love how she channels Maddie from dance moms in her choreography and has shown her talent in dancing through this single, and even released a behind the scenes video of her choreography as show below!

I still can’t get over the splits on the car! I hope for more songs like Delicate from Taylor in the future. I appreciate the difference in style in comparison too Look What You made me do which is my second favorite single on the album.

Which shows a harder more badass side to Taylor Delicate shows a better… delicate fun lighter side of Taylor which I love. She’s showing different sides to her personality and musical style within one album about her “REPUTATION”. Because who really knows what Taylor Swift is like 24/7. We all have different sides to ourselves as people and Taylor is representing that in her music.

Hoping for continued success for Taylor Swift and her new album REPUTATION. I’m more and more tempted to purchase myself a copy for my album collection in support of this superstar.

Make sure you purchase the album on iTunes! and watch the video in support of Taylor Swift.


Looking forward to what she has in store for us in the future of the music industry!

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