[NEWS!] Beyonce is a lion empress. Cast as Nala for Live action Lion King

It is rumored that Queen B her self Beyonce Knowles has been cast as Nala for Disneys live-action version of “Lion King”.

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Now imagine Beyonce singing “Can you feel the love tonight” That would just be insanely beautiful.

We previously saw Emma Watson take on the role of Belle in Disney’s last live-action blockbuster “Beauty and the beast”. Now its Beyonce’s turn to become a Disney character. I feel like casting Beyonce as Nala is a perfect choice! her vocals and voice will be perfect for the role! It’s not her first-time voice acting in a movie she also appeared in animation film “EPIC” as the queen of the forest

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Seeing Beyonce in more voice acting roles in the coming future is great news for her fans! Especially within Lion King, we get to hear more singing from this Queen B! If any interviews are filmed regarding this new venture for Beyonce we will update you when uploaded!

Best of luck to Beyonce for her new role in The Lion King! Can’t wait to see the film when its released in cinemas.



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