[Listen!] Louisa Johson shares her favourite tunes on spotify! (releases YES)

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Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Seems Louisa Johnson has changed her stage name to simply just “LOUISA” her first name. She has also gone to twitter and shared her official playlist. check it out on Spotify to gain an insight into what she enjoys listening too on a daily basis.

she has also released a new song with 2Chainz entitled “YES”

a hard-hitting song about female empowerment. Her voice shines powerfully in this track it is worth a listen! It’s so exciting that people are getting behind this track!

This might give us an idea of what she is currently inspired by for her future music soon to be released.

It’s exciting to see the new changes for LOUISA in the new year. simplifying her stage name, and hopefully, we are set to see a new album soon, especially with the release of YES it seems hopeful! Woman of Song will update you on any news regarding such release.

Best of luck to LOUISA in 2018!

Best Behaviour was always an underrated BOP!



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