[Watch!] Mamamoo to go with farmyard animal concept for their next single???

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Mamamamoo has recently released a dance video for Starry Night in which they are dressed in animal costumes. Solar as a sheep, Whee in as the pig, Moonbyul as the monkey and Hwa Sa as the bear that one was obvious with her hair sticking out :p

Only Mamamoo could pull off a bizarre concept for a video like this! That is what got me imagine what kind of outrageous and hilarious concepts they could pull off in the future. Their dorky humor always warms up my heart, and this video is no exception.

Lots of love to the incredibly talented women of Mamamoo. Moo Moo’s around the world love you and your music! especially their newest single “Starry Night!”


Though I kid about the concept. I love that Mamamoo can try ridiculous but hilarious concepts in their music because they themselves as women are dorky and fun and love being together as a group. That always makes me smile and proud to be their fan. I only wish the best for these girls in 2018 and beyond in the kpop industry!



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