Camilla Cabello performs “Never Be The Same” on The Ellen Show

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Camilla Cabello has recently performed on The Ellen Show, with an amazing electric guitar-based version of her current hit song “Never Be The Same”. Since leaving Fifth Harmony Camilla has had hit song after hit song, including Havanna being one of the most streamed songs online this year.

It’s awesome to see her performing on The Ellen Show as personally, I love Ellen Degeneres and how she represents the LGBT community. Never Be The Same is an incredible track and really highlights what Camilla Cabello is about as an artist.

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Hope for continued success for Camilla Cabello, this video is trending currently on Youtube as well! Is there anything Camilla can’t conquer in the music industry? She’s only released one album as well! I guess we can only keep our eyes peeled for whats to come in the future of her music career. Only the best!

Make sure you support Camilla by purchasing her album Camilla Cabello on Itunes!


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