EXID too comeback with 90’s vibe title track “Lady”!

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EXID has just released a teaser for their latest title track “Lady”. Still, as a four-member group with Solji recovering from ongoing health issues, the girls look amazing in 90’s styled outfits with denim and vibes of old 90’s nostalgia.

The song itself sounds amazing and vaguely reminds me of the style of one of their previous tracks “Night Rather Than Day”.



As always looking forward to hearing LE’s incredible rapping skills, knowing she probably helped produce this track as she has done for most of EXID’s songs. If it isn’t obvious already, LE is my EXID bias!


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Cannot wait for this comeback from EXID, and hope for a return from Solji soon! They deserve continued the success this year and I wish them the best of luck for 2018!



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