[READ!] The Song that started it all. Well one of them!

F(x) Chu

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51So, my friend and I were having another kpop nostalgia session tonight. Led me back to thinking about the first ever kpop music video that I ever truly fell in love with. F(x)’s second single “chu”. Back when it was released in 2009, and I still had trouble differentiating between members in groups. ahh, how far I’ve come in my love for kpop. Considering myself a kpop connoisseur, that might be tooting my own horn a bit too much :p

Little did I know that 8/9 years later I would be blogging about women in kpop and still be a fan to this day.  The only other music video that got me into kpop at the time was Girls Generations “Oh!” Its funny to think had I never seen these two videos I would never have gotten as much into kpop as I am now, but hey everything happens for a reason right!


As a kid I always found myself gravitating more towards female music artists, whilst my brothers loved Indie and rock music I always took too pop and R&B artists, most likely because I was a dancer always at heart. that’s why I find kpop so amazing is the beats it produces and the choreography is always on point.


I definitely feel like this is a segment I want to continue on my blog, Having Kpop Throwbacks takes me down memory lane. Help realize how I got to this moment of writing a blog on girl groups in kpop. Celebrating woman in music, and thus my blog, “Woman Of Song” was born!

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I hope to continue this blog for many years to come, but it’s always fun to look back at where it all started. Of course, even before that as a child I adored Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child, so its only natural!

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Let me know what female music artists inspired you as a kid! whether it be in kpop or in music in general! I know I focus on kpop a lot but its a significant part of my life. I do listen to R&B and pop artists as well of course as you can see my posts about artists like Queen Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Little Mix etc. Woman continue to inspire me, and this blog is proof that men can also be feminists, supporting equal rights.



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