[Read!] That song You have a routine too with your Friend (Girls Aloud Nostalgia)

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For Me its Sound Of The Underground by GirlsAloud. Girls Aloud were one of those groups I used to love as a kid. Not as much as Destinys Child or Spice Girls per say but they were definitely up there in girl groups that I enjoyed listening too. For me, Sound of the Underground will always be a classic tune. Especially since the days when the girls were originally put together on a reality tv program



We choreographed a dance back to this classic song back when we first met at Uni and still know it today. That’s the power of music it can be there forever, and especially for me as a dancer I remember routines from Eon’s ago even one I did too Britney’s break the ice back when I was a teenager.


Kinda like this video from Superwoman, all about that friendship Code (girl code). Yes, My favorite YouTubers are Superwoman and Liza Koshy :p I love those two girls so much. I’m diverting into another topic now! But In a way I want you guys to get to know who I am. The guy behind the blog and Superwoman and Liza never fail to cheer me up and this video pretty much perfectly displays how I and my friend are when it comes to our favorite songs if they come on at clubs. Which it has in the past by the way!


It’s come on at clubs before in central too and we slayed it! Not gonna lie! I know this isn’t the usual update posts I normally post but I figure you guys do need to get to know me as a person as well!

Hopefully, In the future, I’ll be able to relate more music too personal stories on my blog. Music is such a key factor in my life and is one big thing on how I relate to people. As a dancer, it gives me freedom, strength and makes me whole. So sharing my love for music in this blog allows me to be me and express my love for women in music.


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shout to my girl who this dance was created with! (Hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this picture :p) .

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I hope you continue to enjoy Woman Of Song! please give a follow if you like what you see! I try to blog as regularly as I can. Expect to see improvements on this blog in the coming future when I start my second degree in Digital Media. I am currently learning coding, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and will be doing more so in the next three years.

Thanks for reading as always! Music brings people together. I hope one day this blog will bring people together over a love of music. 



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