Uprising Artist “Cardi B”

Cardi B has exploded into the music has trended on Youtube with multiple songs including her recent hit Bartier Cardi and Bodak Yellow which started of her career in the music industry.


Her most recent performance of Finesse with Bruno Mars at the Grammys was amazing. Cardi, in my opinion, could become the new Nikki Minaj. Expecting The featured rapper to appear in more tracks this year in 2018. It’s clear that even Nicki isn’t keen on the idea of a new rap queen of Cardi B in the scene as a rivalry has sparked between the two rappers over twitter.

Her collab with Bruno Mars has for sure put her on the scene and has given her the public attention she needed all along to boom up in the music industry. She is now taking full advantage of this and is the talk of the industry.


I love her vibe as an artist, though bodak yellow isn’t particularly the genre of music I generally go for, Her stage presence is undeniable. Furthermore, The boom for her success with Finesse definitely launched her new album. I have given some of it a listen and like what I’m hearing. Especially seeing as she included Bodak Yellow and Barti Cardier on the album fans who know these songs will find easy access to her full album.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 23.42.13

The rivalry between her and Nicki seems to be in full swing and with Cardi’s current success I’m sure the album will sell incredibly well on the charts in the music industry. Watch out, Nicki!


as of this month, Cardi B has now successfully released her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”. With all her hits she has released thus far and some new BOP’s to join the party for her future concerts and tours. If any dates and venues are updated by Cardi for 2018 we will let you know! Hopefully, she comes to the UK where I hail!

Make sure you purchase her album on Itunes at this link here



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Best of luck to Cardi B with the release of her new album! Hope 2018 is a great year to build on the success she has already worked for so far in her thriving music career!




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