Luna teases a solo comeback!






LET ME JUST SAY! My baby girl LUNA is looking AMAZING! In these teaser photos. A total bohemian feminine vibe coming from her outfits. Her beautiful long hair which drapes down her shoulders, she smolders and gazes at the camera, they are just all too much. Luna just needs to STOP ok :p She is too much.


Perhaps this song will be more of a slower vocal BOP mixed with some electronic beats would be nice. I love that the floral prints of her dress match the incoming Spring season. I guess only time will tell as we patiently wait for the release of her newest single!


Its been so long since her last song “Free Somebody” which is one my all time favorite Kpop songs, so I am ready for a new BOP to join the greatness that is Free Somebody!




Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 02.49.01



Best of luck for Luna’s latest promotions, your fans like me wait patiently for the release of this music video! Please come out ASAP!

Also before I go, f(x) please come back as a full group soon, its been too long! Ok bye :p



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