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Under now MBK entertainment 5 member girl group 5 dolls debuted back in 2011 with the song “Its You” and “Lip stains” for the debut Mini album. I initially loved this group. and the idea of it coming from Co-ed school was great. However, for me, it possibly could have been a case of too soon to debut. Co-ed school was only just starting. Had they promoted long as a full unit the debuts of 5Dolls and Speed could have been more substantial in the kpop industry.



new members becoming a six-member group. They weren’t the same anymore. CCM/MBK always had issues with Member changes back in the day. Half the drama could have been changed if they had just added the twins into the same group. But I can understand his misguided motivations for linking the two twins through T-ara’s popularity. It was just the wrong way to go around gaining attention or 5-DOLLS. Its almost like they were riding the success that T-ara got for themselves.


Especially coming from a co-ed group we havent seen many co-ed groups in kpop. The only prominent co-ed kpop group now is KARD. would have been nice to see Co-ed school develop into a big co-ed kpop success. However, things were just not in the cards.

one of the members left due to bullying. CCM was especially bad when it came to bullying scandals in the groups. I would have not liked to debut in CCM/MBK if I were a kpop idol. It doesn’t seem like a supportive company.



Though they added Dani to the group and promoted they never quite got anywhere after that. Suddenly disbanding never to be heard of again. In my opinion, its a shame group like 5dolls and Co-ed who had so much potential in the kpop industry, gone because of poor management and promotion. I feel like CCM have never treated its groups to what they could be. It was always T-ara no1 and all other groups were supporters. If you don’t have the passion and time to promote the group why Launch them in the first place? Its not only a waste of money and time but also a waste of young female talent. It’s a shame as especially for someone like ChanMi has now struggled to find her place in the kpop music industry after promoting in 5Dolls.




So What does it takes to make a successful girl group in the kpop industry? Publicity, members, quality of songs? What happens when scandals happen? public attention in the media is certainly a factor. Whether good or bad attention. Its a shame as these girls after soulmate number 1 had so much potential to thrive in the industry especially if they had kept Dani and made it a 7 member group. It just felt like a waste of talent.

I hope the same doesn’t happen to DIA. But I guess only time will tell! I hope you enjoyed this trip down kpop memory lane! I seem to have a thing lately with enjoying music from disbanded groups in kpop. Reminds me how many girl groups have come and gone in the industry and what it takes for one to truly be successful aka. Girls Generation, 4Minute or 2NE1.



Though they never made it to where they should have my favorite song by them will always be Soulmate NO1. an underrated BOP make sure you check out the music video below!


Click the link above to see the music video!


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 03.08.13


Now I realize this is an extremely long post however, I love looking back at the history of girl groups in the industry. I was watching a kpop unboxer on Youtube and she was saying how the groups we have now wouldn’t be here because of those before them, those that came and went. I agree groups like T-ara spawned 5DOLLS and after them DIA who are now pretty successful. We can learn from any group what it takes to make it in the music industry and without the success of Girls Generation, 2NE1 etc. kpop would never have been as big as it is today.


5DOLLS may have not gotten the management they deserved, its such a shame because the potential was there for a great girl group. It just seemed that compared to T-ara, MBK didn’t care as much about his other groups. Ah well, Win some lose some. I still listen to 5dolls to this day to remember what could have been. 5Dolls Hwaitng!




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