Camilla Cabello on the cover of “Cosmopolitan”


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Today on her twitter Camila Cabello tweeted this amazing picture of her on the front cover of the most recent issue of “Cosmopolitan” magazine and captioned it “Im a cosmopolitan girl”.

Camila has been achieving so much since going solo including the launch of her debut album entitled “Camila”


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and Havana being one the most streamed songs on Spotify of all time.


Camila continues to break boundaries as a solo female artist. Now with the rest of the fifth harmony members going solo, will we see the Normani vs Camila battle in the charts we all want to see when Normani releases her first solo album later this year!


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Camila is rocking this front cover and I’m sure it’s the first of many for her and her long future career in the music industry. All of which will be updated and celebrated here on Woman Of Song!



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