[Read!] Jess Glynne to release new single! “Ill be there”!!! :o

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OMG, so on her twitter Jess Glynne today has revealed that she will be releasing a new single entitled “I’ll be There” which is now available for pre-order on Itunes!


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Its been so long since her previous singles


Don’t be so hard on yourself 


Hold My Hand 


and her album “I cry when I laugh” 

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so to see a new single being released makes me so excited for the potential of a new album from the amazing Jess Glynne! Especially since the release of “These Days” it reminded me how amazing her voice is and how much I’ve missed Jess Glynne’s activity in the music industry.


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I will continuously update you on any news of a new album from Jess Glynne, and the release of her new single “I’ll be There”. The future of music is always exciting you never know who’s going to pop up with a new release and when!

Looking forward to the new single from Jess Glynne ❤ too continue this great year of music on WOMAN OF SONG!



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