Produce 48’s performance of “Pick Me” Jpop Meets Kpop!


Produce is ready to air its third season this time merging JPOP and KPOP to create “Produce 48”. It looks like the Pick Me tradition hasn’t changed since season 1 and this seasons song is just as good as the previous two seasons tracks. Is this going to be a running theme a remix of Pick me for each season that airs? Check out the performance of Pick me this time sung in half Japanese half Korean for Produce 48!



I have just discovered that a  former potential member of black pink Jinny Park is on Produce 48 I will for sure be supporting her to succeed. So far she is my top pick to make the final line up until full episodes come out and I am able to learn about the other contestants in interviews as the new season premiers.


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If it weren’t for the success of produce 101 and IOI and their hits like “Very Very Very”  and the original “Pick Me” performance as shown in the two videos below! produce wouldn’t be where it is today producing 😛 Produce 48 in conjunction with AKB 48’s trainee system showing the ever-growing merge of Kpop and Jpop in the music industry today!



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How I miss IOI ❤ ❤ ❤



The main question is since they are going to become a new group at the end of this show chosen from the contestants will they be named similar to how IOI was after 101, and be named somehow in honor of AKB 48 without directly using their name due to a copyright claim. It’ll be interesting to see the final line up and how many members are selected to be in the group. As AKB 48 are known for having a lot of members! :p



In a way I can see why Produce have decided to do this season, capitalizing on AKB 48’s extreme popularity in Japan and merging them with Korean girls is a way of getting into both Japan and Korean music industries at the same time! Clever. Is this pulling me into Jpop? We’ll see the song above isn’t bad actually quite catchy and fun!


It’s also not the first time AKB 48 has appeared on a stage with other girl groups. They have performed at Kcon Japan with Weki Meki and Chugnha formerly in IOI herself it all makes sense!


Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 16.02.48


When the episodes start airing for Produce 48 I will update you on my favorites to enter the final line up and have highlight performances posted from the show when they are released! Excited for new music from an amazing series of shows in Produce 101, 101 S2 and now Produce 48!




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