[NEWS!] Fifth Harmony disband & Drop their goodbye single “Dont Say You Love Me”

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Sad news for Harmonizers, Fifth Harmony is officially disbanding as an active girl group after 6 years promoting in the industry

They have dropped their goodbye single “Don’t Say You Love Me” which was on their previous album self-titled “Fifth Harmony” guess its good to go out on your self-titled album



As one of my closest friends mentioned who is a big harmonizer that all they have known was fifth harmony since they were teenagers. As they are grown women now they want to go on their own paths, their own careers.


People argue that this disbandment was inevitable since the departure of Camila Cabello on her own solo career and has recently released “Sangria Wine” on the same day that Ffith Harmonie’s goodbye song was released. Coincidence?  who knows?


 Fifth Harmony will forever be known for their best-known hits

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worth it


which will both be continued to be loved to this day and beyond. Their impact in the music industry for the potential of girl groups will never be forgotten. Especially initially as being 5 girls who were total strangers, too see how they made it big in the music industry is amazing. With Normani and Camila making their marks as solo artists recently, the best is yet to come from these ladies.


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Normani is set to release her debut album later this year and her signing a modeling contract I have suspicions that Normani and Camila will be the most popular members to come out of the group and will make the biggest impact in the music industry. You cant deny the impact Camila has already made in the music industry. However do not count out Lauren, Ally and Dina Jane as all members brought something to fifth Harmony its what made them so popular. We’ll see how their careers develop in the music industry.


take a look back at how they were formed back on the X factor



Best of luck to these amazing woman as they part ways and venture solo. Any updates we receive on their solo careers we will update you right here on Woman Of Song!



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