[Read!] Fromis 9 set to make a comeback!

Fromis 9 is a 9 member girl group formed from a survival reality show known as Idol School. are set to make their Korean comeback with To. Day ❤ ❤ ❤

Check out the teaser for it below!


Fromis 9 member Jang Gyrui is also competing on the new series of Produce 48! So they will only be coming back with 8 members this promotional cycle. Hopefully, she makes it into the final line-up for more success and to further the career and social presence for Fromis 9 in not only the Korean music industry but also the Japanese industry. If so this definitely foreshadows Fromis 9 venturing into the J-pop market. I could see a song like Pinocchio doing extremely well in Japan.


Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 03.13.05


I am currently loving said single”Pinocchio” from their debut album. Make sure you check out their performance from Idol school below!



and was also a big fan of Glass shoes when it was released. Moreover, the MAMA version of it on their first mini album To Heart which is a great release from the girls. I’m hopeful that their second album will be just as strong as their debut album was.



I guess only time will tell what the song is set to sound like when the girls release the track sometime next month. When it’s released we will have it posted for you on Woman of Song! Celebrating women in music.




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