GirlKind release cover of “Travel” by Bobblegan 4 MV (Set for a comeback?)

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Rookie girl group “GIRLKIND” have just dropped a choreography cover music video for Bobblegan 4’s, or BOL 4’s latest single “TRAVEL”. You can see the original music video of the song below!



Maybe it’s about time I get more into BOL 4. It’s a great song, my kinda vibe. I love the bright colorful scenery of the original music video and the amazing cover from GIRLKIND. I’m excited to see what these girls have in store for us in their next comeback?

Moreover, are they going for a more cutesy vibe with whats in the cover video? Or a similar style to their previous track “FANCI’. Check out their cover of BOL 4’s song! Its much more choreography focused. However, its cool to see them cover other girl groups songs. Id love to see them try different groups and styles, to show their versatility off as artists. I think they pull the more cutesy concept well in the video of their cover. What do you think of GIRLKIND? 



Is this signaling a GIRLKIND comeback? Yes, please! I loved their first single “Fanci” and its good to see the girls following up with new promotions to officialize their standings in the kpop industry, especially when so many girl groups debut over the summer months and throughout the year. Im looking forward to seeing a new single or mini album from these girls!


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.19.20


Check out their debut music video “FANCI” featured below!


If any news arrises on wether GIRLKIND will make their comeback this summer we will have it updated for you only on WomanOfSong! Wishing them the best of luck if they are to comeback this summer!




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